Buyer's Agent

    Being represented by an expert is one of the
    most   intelligent decisions you can make whether
    it is taxes, stocks, hiking, or Real Estate. Did you
    know that 90% of Real Estate Brokers when
    investing outside of their local market use a Real
    Estate Agent. If your looking for property use an
    agent. If you use the sellers agent (creating dual
    agency) you are not looking out for your own best
    interest. When buying Real Estate you want all
    your interests looked after and the Best Deal
    possible. It is difficult at best for a Real Estate
    Agent to represent both the buyer and the seller.
    You know the old saying about serving two

    I have been on Kauai 30 years let me put my
    knowledge and experience to work for you. I'll
    help you pick the side of the island that is right
    for you, and that very special home or land you
    have been dreaming about. GOT AUSTIN ? Sure
    you do!!
Buyer's Agent!!
You Got Austin??