Do you deserve to be surrounded
by lush tropical Beauty, laid back,
easy living lifestyle? Then you
deserve Kauai Real Estate. Live the
Dream! Let me Help you!

Kauai is one of the most beautiful tropical islands in the world.
The site of numerous movies, Raider's of the Lost Ark, Jurassic
Park, and Six Days Seven Nights to name a few. I've been living
my Dream on Kauai for 30 years let me help you start living
yours. While there are numerous high end properties to choose
from, you would be surprised at how many affordable options
there are!
For me it all about lifestyle, and living on Kauai is a very nice life
style. Unless of course, you don't like tropical islands and
luscious beauty. If that's the case I suggest Chicago.       
My name is Austin Owen, I've been living on Kauai for 30
years and loving every minute of it. A surfer of 45 years, I
have two wonderful children and love where I live. I am a
Short Sale and Foreclosure Resource, so I will find you the
best deal possible. I have worked on three of the four sides of
the island and vacation on the fourth.I know Kauai. My hope is
that you come to love and appreciate Kauai as much as I do.
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Malama Pono and A Hui Ho!!!